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An Affiliate Programme for Bitcoin – Start Earning with AdmiralSpot

26th June 2017, 17:57

An Affiliate Programme for Bitcoin – Start Earning with AdmiralSpot
If you are interested in finding an affiliate programme for bitcoin, you should definitely start earning with AdmiralSpot. The current article will tell you about all the possibilities offered by AdmiralSpot and the way you can benefit from them.

AdmiralSpot is one of the most innovative online casinos offering bitcoin as a payment method. In addition to it, bitcoin is also used in the partner programme provided by this gambling website. Therefore, both the clients of AdmiralSpot and its partners can feel themselves secure remaining anonymous in the Internet.

As a partner of this online casino, you get an exclusive opportunity of benefiting from all the clients registered with the help of your affiliate programme during the whole time they are using the gambling services. It means that you will gain profits whenever your players deposit funds. Pay your attention on the commission which is offered by this casino, it is up to 50% of each sum transferred to the casino! As far as you can see, it is one of the highest commissions available in the Internet.

What else is so particular about this affiliate programme? Of course, an opportunity to use the best commercials which have been designed in order to be suitable for various advertising campaigns. In addition to it, you can count on the professional help, which will be given to you anytime you have a problem with organising a promotion.

In order to make your work even easier and more pleasant, AdmiralSpot has introduced a special platform which shows you all the financial information about your activities. It is also an extremely comfortable way of following the depositing activity of all your clients.

Certainly, it is important to emphasise that an affiliate programme for bitcoin offered by AdmiralSpot is also one of the best because the casino is already extremely popular. It provides its clients with hundreds of fascinating casino games as well as an immense array of promotions. There are several types of welcome bonuses, an extremely profitable VIP programme, a reward given for referring a friend and even the possibility of recharging your budget with extra bitcoins.

Advertising the services of AdmiralSpot is a sheer pleasure. In case you are interested in becoming a partner of this perfect online casino, you just need to complete a short registration form on the website admiralspotpartners.com.